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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Artificial Plants for Home Decor: Palm Trees, Olive Trees, and Small Plants

May 3, 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Artificial Plants for Home Decor: Palm Trees, Olive Trees, and Small PlantsIllustration

For the DIY mum looking to add a touch of green without the hassle of upkeep, artificial plants are a godsend. They offer the beauty of nature without any of the maintenance, making them perfect for busy households. This blog explores the best artificial plants for home decor, focusing on palm trees, olive trees, and various small artificial plants that can transform any room into a vibrant living space.

Choosing the Right Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees can bring a tropical flair to your home, creating a warm and inviting environment. When selecting an artificial palm tree:

Types of Palm Trees

  • Areca Palms: Known for their feathery, arching fronds, these palms work well in corners of living rooms or large hallways.

  • Majesty Palms: With their taller, more rigid fronds, Majesty palms are ideal for spacious areas that can showcase their full height and splendor.

Placement Tips

  • Place your artificial palm tree in areas that receive a lot of natural light (though no light is necessary, it enhances their natural look).

  • Use a decorative pot that matches your home decor style, be it modern minimalism or coastal chic.

Incorporating Artificial Olive Trees

Olive trees are celebrated for their Mediterranean vibe and their ability to add a sophisticated touch to any space:

Types of Olive Trees

  • Standard Olive Trees: These typically feature a single trunk with sprawling branches and are perfect as a focal point in dining rooms or large kitchens.

  • Topiary Olive Trees: Sculpted into neat shapes, these are great for formal spaces or entryways where a clean, manicured look is desired.

Care and Placement

  • Artificial olive trees look best near windows or glass doors where they can contribute to a sunlit, airy feel.

  • Opt for planters in earth tones that complement the silvery-green leaves of the olive tree.

Selecting Small Artificial Plants

Small artificial plants are incredibly versatile and can be used to accentuate nearly any part of your home:

Types of Small Plants

  • Succulents: With their variety of shapes and sizes, artificial succulents are perfect for tabletops, desks, or shelves.

  • Ferns: These can add a lush, green touch to bathrooms or kitchens, where their intricate leaves provide a contrast to angular, hard surfaces.

Creative Ideas

  • Use small artificial plants to create a green centerpiece for your dining table or to add life to a bookshelf.

  • Group various small plants together for a diverse display that catches the eye.

DIY Tips for Displaying Artificial Plants

As a DIY enthusiast, you can personalize how you display artificial plants to better reflect your home's style and your personal taste:

Customizing Planters

  • Paint plain planters to match your room’s color scheme or decorate them with patterns and designs.

  • Experiment with different materials such as ceramics, metal, or woven baskets.

Creating Themed Displays

  • Consider creating a themed display, like a mini tropical escape with artificial palms and exotic flowers, or a serene Mediterranean corner with olive trees and lavender.


Artificial plants offer the perfect solution for the DIY mum who wants to enjoy greenery at home without committing to the ongoing care of real plants. By choosing the right types of palm trees, olive trees, and small plants, and using some creative flair in how they are displayed, you can dramatically enhance your home's decor. With these tips, you’re well on your way to crafting beautiful, maintenance-free plant arrangements that will brighten your home all year round.