Decorate a youth room need not necessarily be synonymous with avant-garde. There are other options become somewhat regressive hard and are committed to creating spaces using furniture modern classic. Recovered pieces of ancient forms and carved and treated in the woods that transport you to the past and combine perfectly with current details.

youth room with classic furniture

The bedroom shows you today form a charming space, light and highly functional. The bed revives the tradition of the feet and head. A simple angular form and was being used some and now see it again. The bedside table is the basic strokes of the first designs of yesteryear. These are very classic lines and double cubic box, so it becomes a very practical and aesthetic piece.

The cabinet recovers completely the elegant presence that was in past decades and that he was robbed by the incursion of modern wardrobes. This model accounts for 4 doors used and is reinforced by a narrow line at the bottom drawers. The centerpiece of the youth room with classic furniture is the design of such diverse forms is born on the desktop. A piece of great beauty and value that combines glass cabinet doors, shelves and drawers are rarely designed furniture in the bedrooms and in perfect harmony with the other pieces.

To make a classic furniture and break the stale nature can form a suitable space for the younger ones have had in mind a couple of variants. On the one hand, the wood has been painstakingly treated to simulate antique white and blue breeze. For its part, the walls are shown around the base smooth and exhibit high seams at the top.