The dishes are a must in any home. Although they have lost importance over the years, no one can resist having at least one at home. These are formed by a group of plates, bowls and cups that will make your life easier in the kitchen so you can enjoy food and drink in the room you want.


The food lines are those that will serve both for incoming and for the latter. Those of the incoming are smaller than those of the latter.

types of dishes

The food bowls are ideal for soups, broth, cream or broth. A variant of bowls with bowl-shaped and can also play well with their duties.

The dishes to desserts are like lines but much smaller. They are used for cakes, ice cream, gelatin or custards.

What is clear is that all the dishes have to follow the same pattern; all must be of the same dishes. Take dishes from different dishes for a meal gives a bad image.