Here are some rules for a good home lighting of a little more specific and give you the keys to properly enlighten the room, that part of your house that you give as much use.

For this area of your home, it is advisable to opt for a regulator of intensity that allows you to adjust the temperature of the room. And also a good idea to multiply the points of light, giving a smooth feels in the environment. Instead, a single lamp would light too aggressive.

to illuminate the living room or dining room

In addition, we recommend that you avoid lights obliquely oriented and focuses located above or behind the head. Those who think only get unsightly shadows and backlight. As for incandescent reflector (glass bulbs not transparent, translucent or opaque), know that blend seamlessly with cool colors. However, the warm colors stand out with lamps glowing with low light intensity.

On the other hand, the sconces on the walls are to attenuate the contrast between the center and bottom, sometimes too dark. In addition, tulips and candles bring to your home a relaxed note. In case you have a TV or computer, you should try that light naturally does not shine directly on it, for this you must put some curtains or playing with the distribution of furniture.

Finally, if your living room there are two types of environments, it is necessary that each of them has adequate lighting, which may be local, general or natural. For example, you put a lamp in the reading corner or a table lamp if you have a desk.