Many times we become crazy trying to find space to store a lot of things we have, we like to take every corner of each cabinet to store everything and to have it well organized. Or so we thought, as to have saved all our things right does not mean that we have organized. In fact, sometimes it can be an impossible task to find something in a cabinet, closet or storeroom.

The best thing to do is organize your home so you can store things in different areas, each with a purpose. Take note of these tips to keep things at home.

tips to keep things at home

In the kitchen you can save a lot of tools on the wall, so do not take much of furniture. Pots, pans, utensils not only gain space for other things but it is very fashionable to have them out, especially if you want to give a rustic touch to the room. Just do not forget to pass a cloth every time you go to use them if they have caught some dust.

Organize it all you want to save and how much you have, that is, if you want to save shoes first consider how many pairs you have to look after the place where you store them. It is much more practical to have a place half in and half in another, in the end you never know where each one.

Choose furniture to always have storage area. For example, there are many beds that have drawers underneath that are very useful for storing blankets, children’s toys or anything else. In the bathroom, put a piece of furniture that will cover the body so you can store things, very useful for all bath products.

Keep only what you need, the rest throw it, recycle it or give it to someone. You may know that often costs you a world to get rid of things, but to save space there is no alternative. This is very good to do this at the end of each season with clothing, as there are items that will not give more and it is useless to keep them in the attic to finally throw in the following year.

Finally, it is important that you consider the time elements, as they should be boxed in the attic or a loft, such as the Christmas stuff or summer.