In any decorative style is the roof which gives a cohesive element to the look of a space. In the rooms not only be the element that all, but must also contribute to the relaxing atmosphere we try to obtain. In the case of a child’s room, the room should look bright, spacious and fun. We know it is not easy, so today we here are some tips for you to decorate the ceiling of a nursery.

If the ceiling of the room is too high, you can take the space to install a double bed loft (depending on the age of your child). Not only have more room for your stuff but the room will not look so overwhelming.

ceiling decor of nursery

The ceilings of wood or other materials have the advantage of maintaining the temperature of the room. Depending on the material and construction can accumulate a lot of dust and a source of allergies, so you might check this detail.

A decorative lamp is always aesthetically pleasing and can help focus the theme or decorative style of the room. You should keep it and follow basic safety rules.

The wallpaper is an excellent choice to add color and joy to a room. You can get almost any pattern or design that suits the taste of both. It is important not to have too strong colors, as this will darken the room.

The decorations that glow in the dark are the favorite of many children, turning the light may have a bit of heaven star or a little light. You can buy these figures and make any design with special paint and stencils with this feature.

If you want to paint the ceiling of a solid color, reminds you to be clearer than the walls to avoid creating an effect of box. Always choose two shades lighter than the softer tone of the color palette you’ve chosen for decoration.

If the walls are light colored, you should try to create designs on the ceiling (stripes, dots, etc) in contrasting colors.

An original idea is to leave the ceiling white and then fill it with handprints of your child in various colors. It will be fun to create this piece of art, while he engages in the process of decorating.