Today, limited space is the biggest problem that not only has interior designers, but it also occurs in every common man. As the rooms are shrinking very quickly becomes a challenge of limited space for a small apartment, as there seems to be very hard to fit so much in so little.

Here are some tips that can help in decorating a small apartment.


Choose wisely

The most fundamental form of decorating a small apartment very well is make sure that does not seem small and cluttered. Guarantee to bring what is very essential and the elimination of all that is needed is the best way to clean the clutter out.

Create a well-defined and adequate storage space

To pick and choose what they do, it is necessary to have a large hidden storage space to keep all the things you do not throw.

Sure that specific areas and stick to a topic

It feels good when you look at the harmony of a single theme that flows through her small apartment. Do not complicate things by exaggerating the design aspect. Try to maintain a single and simple.

Moreover, creating a well defined area and the rooms to make sure that they are not affected by the other. This will make it easier for you, while the purchase of furniture, which will have a clear idea about what to buy for each area and room.

Lighting and separators

The living space can be delimited by using separators. Although it is a good idea to use thin glass, can also be treated wood. The choice of glass or wood depends entirely on your tastes and needs.