If you’re looking for some tips to decorate the room of your unborn child or want to renew that is, today we leave a tip that can be a great help. Rarely think of the curtains, but they have much to say in the decor and especially if we talk about children’s issues.

Covering a window is something we must do for the little sleep in conditions without light to penetrate and might be disturbed. But we know that it’s good for the room, especially for those who deal in the day that it is essential to enrich the decor and space, the light in the sun, curtains so light and translucent fabric will do the rest.


The idea of ​​combining two types of fabric, one opaque and one translucent powering this symbiosis, so help us sleep at night and by day we can enjoy the natural light.

Within either type of curtain fabric, a stock, a simple blind, we move into a great world in the window coverings. In the market we can select from a wide range of options and designs more cheerful, elegant, friendly, funny, only you know what kind of style you want to give the room.

Something to keep in mind is to avoid too long curtains, if we place them in a room for children. The hands of these tend to play around and grab or pull on them, or just about anything so if you walk or crawl around the room can be a hazard.

Nor is it advisable to have a long cord or buttons near the small hands could also be dangerous. We can try to catch it so that it is strength of reach.

Some experts talk about the possible cause of choking in children with blind cords hence the market leave a special blind which is breakable cord when pulled very strong.

Finally, what we should think about putting spoken to the room of the small, short-length curtains or screens, blinds are a great idea as long as the cord is far from a blind that is especially for children.