Here are some tips to take advantage of all your space. If you have a small house, a few square meters you will find some way to get more space to appear larger.

For example, the shelves are small structures that are little; they can be lightweight and withstand heavy weights. For it is an excellent proposal. They adapt to any space and can be placed in a recess in the wall above the lintel of the doors, radiators, and fireplace.

If you do not know where to get space for your home, you need to read this article.

take advantage of your space

In it you will find several simple suggestions that will give you a lot of play. Everything is put on and get it.

To save bedding such as sheets and blankets, pillows. You can put a great trunk at the foot of your bed. So keep the room collection, in a small space and also give a vintage feel to the room.

In the lounge can be used as auxiliary center for storing magazines, pillows and all the objects you need to have it picked up your living room.

Also in the bed you can find a good game, just below it you can add boxes and wheeled bins for example to put sheets, blankets or whatever you see more accurate.

Remember that the furniture is very important, if not have room chooses those who hold dual or multi function, in this way will help you making profitable home. This furniture finds gaps to put things poufs, tables with drawers, sofa beds, etc.