During these months we are seeing that the coatings are living a time of maximum relevance and presence. New designs, shapes and materials are born to give you lots of options, more and more full of modernism and personality. Proposals that will make you enjoy one hundred percent of each room in the house, such as reflective tiles for the bathroom that we see today.

A beautiful ceramic projects and an important sense of space by reflecting the light, creating a mirror shine effect. A very original extensive collection using lines and curves that intersects in a spectacular way to provide an attractive finish.

reflective tiles for the bathroom

A highly refined design that offers you supreme aesthetics and you can implement it your own by creating different effects and environments by combining tiles drawn with other smooth satin surface.

Reflective tiles for the bathroom are all trend this year, as reformist and modern decorators are implementing the trend of combining up to 3 different designs and make perfectly integrate each other. Thus we can see a room that has a smooth ceramic one of its walls, floral designs of elegance in another of them and, finally, the tile is the highlight of this trio as original and aesthetic. Another proposal simpler but equally attractive is the only tile that combines with larger slabs completely smooth.

The latter proposal can see it in the third picture, where small reflective tiles give the feeling of being in a shower of stars. This feeling seems even greater if you opt for the blue-green, a color that you can find others like champagne, mocha, pink, amethyst, and aurora and combine it with satin in ivory or pearl snuff. A current proposal, elegant and uncluttered bathroom will make your day a special moment.