When decorating a child’s bedroom we can find a wide variety of approaches and styles. It is a sector of interior decoration that is growing steadily and never fails to offer new ideas that ultimately meet the needs of everyone. Materials, shapes and colors give rise to the most varied creations, all of which offer maximum security and functionality, and a beautiful aesthetic.

A basic furniture with simple lines and is designed to make the most of the time. A closet, a changing table and a crib that can be modified as your baby grows, so take advantage of the early years of his life. This detail is important, since sometimes acquired using very small objects.

practical and minimalist child room

In this case, the crib is a piece in which your child can sleep in comfort not only for as long as a baby, as it is designed so you can convert an easy and secure a bed of 120 x 60 cm, and thus more time will take advantage of what is offered by a conventional model. This design belongs to the concept of furniture with a second chance and that is becoming more popular all the advantageous features it contains.

Similarly, you can also take advantage of the exchanger, as you can get around the top designed to put the baby to move it, leaving a smooth surface that will result in a dresser. Meanwhile, the cabinet has 2 shelves that they can adjust the height so that when you start changing clothes longer in the bar, can provide more room. All these units are assembled without tools, based on a system of different pieces that fit into slots.