The decoration of the entrance of a house is as important as the rest of it, since it is the first image we give of our home. It should also be borne in mind that is a space that, despite being only passageway, we can offer some comfort both when entering and leaving our home. This will depend largely on the furniture and accessories you choose to decorate this area.

One element that is present in the lobby of most households is the umbrella stand, many people also have a rack that can be of different sizes and designs, and most of our parents also had a console, a piece that has gradually withdrawn over the years and now returns with great force.

modern furniture for the hall

The vintage style back of this type of furniture to many homes, and now we can find also much modern furniture for the foyer, perfectly adaptable to other styles.

Models minimalist which have nothing to do with the ideal concept of console, and that will give a personal touch to the entrance of your home, while also extremely practical. Different shelves in which you leave the keys or use of empty-pockets, combined with vertical lines in some cases may include mirrors which will always give greater feeling of spaciousness.

At the same time, the fact that many of these designs are anchored in the wall does not feel that are invading much space. Similarly, modernity, aesthetics and practicality come together in other designs where you can see how actually hide consoles apparent shoemaker furniture of different heights and widths, or radiator screens to help you maximize every corner of your house.