In recent years the public has sent a new concept of tile that has managed to completely change the outdated image that this kind of cladding had until recently. Innovative designs that have nothing to do with those classic square tiles that filled a wall and whose only eye-catching touch were splashing some different pieces. That is a placement that flooded bathrooms and kitchens of millions of households.

Today the field of ceramics is one of the most varied to offer totally innovative proposals for new techniques that are used and printing treaty. Also vary shapes and sizes with respect to the previous tile, many of the latest models are rectangular shaped and each of these four measured as parts of the former.

bathroom wall tile ideas

As for placement, today you will see several ideas to decorate the bathroom wall tile design, which include more than what takes to combine with other smooth sections drawn. The current trend invites you to have 3 different designs, so that one (usually smooth) is the one that occupies more space on the largest number of walls, one can wear alone on one wall (usually mosaic) and a third, (which will be drawn) will create sensations on the smooth wall. Exclusive and modern bathroom decor accessories now available which are made by famous manufacturers of furniture.

Another aspect worth noting is the new concept of border. The ceramics drawn and not carried in full contour around the bath, but it now occupies strategic space and can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. Finally, the smooth tile art is not really smooth, but shows some kind of scratch more or less subtle or too messy mimics the pattern that reminds you that most characterizes the marble.