Here are some great ideas for decorating the glass. If you have glass jars and not know what to do with them, before throwing them away and leave them for recycling can be part of the decor, to keep things like vases or any centerpieces.

Be it the end; remember that these jars can embellish them by painting them with some great designs. To do this we are proposing today a nice idea that can inspire them.

decorating glass jars

Something to consider all elements will be used to do this, for example of glass jars, those who want, need some paint in the colors that you like, a small brush and a palette for the colors.

The first thing we will do is remove all impurities that may have the jars, the clean up to do well with soap and water. Remember that if you have any label will remove it, provided we do not want to appear on the final result.

Mix the colors as you like and match the rest of the decor, for example if it is for a center or a vase. Once you have, seen plotting points as confetti, these will be of half inch diameter.

Here’s how it is done, but remember you can make them as you like and other shapes and designs. Then clear the brush, dry and follow with another color, so to make a great composition of all colors.

Then we can put it as candleholders, yes using a candle to detach little heat. We can also use it as beautiful centerpieces filling them with seeds, colored beads, and colored sand or as a vase with some flowers, perhaps as glass for everyday use.