One of the rooms to which more attention should be paid to decorate, is the children’s room. Children are like a sponge and absorb everything around them, so a good decoration is essential to develop in an appropriate environment.

But even one of the rooms that more attention should be paid, is one of the easiest rooms to decorate and fun as we can and should use combinations of colors, drawings, murals and other forms of decorating that we could not do elsewhere of the house.

ideas for nursery decor

In a nursery where one can fit the combination of vertical stripes on the yellow wall and a base made ​​template that mimics a meadow with butterflies a very funny and original decorating the nursery.

Stripes, circles, pink, yellow, blue, green, zebra pillows, anything goes if it goes well. And as you see, this is perfectly combined youth room. It is cheerful and youthful with a good strong lime green to refresh and flood of color throughout the nursery. The color that in large doses as in this case, brings energy, joy, freshness and vitality to the environment is all perfect for a nursery.

Something more sophisticated, perhaps to a room where the child is no longer so young, yet still need a space brightly decorated, original and modern course. This perfect symmetry in this room decorative child and the wise choice of colors add both as walls, floors and ceilings. A perfect nursery!

This other youth room is something else crazy, but it sure the girl or the boy who inhabits it, is delighted as it is a decorated room. A classic of late to paint a child’s room, use the wall to give the room life, another dimension, where the imagination of the smaller overflow still a little bit more because as they are decorated the walls.

And another example of the colorful to decorate a nursery is a very appropriate choice, here’s the latest example. Orange, cream color, a carpet of various colors and everything is perfect in an energetic environment, positive and ideal for a child.