When choosing a bed is not only important the quality and characteristics of the mat but the pillow has to be also suitable for our body and needs. Mattress is not worth a great if the pillow we have is annoying, uncomfortable or poor quality, the head will not rest well and we have some contraction in the neck or the neck. Take note of these tips to help you make the best choice:

- Although the bed is double, the pillow should be individualized as each person has their own characteristics and needs.

how to choose the best pillow

- The correct position and the best body rests during sleep is the fetal position or side, and if you like sleeping on your back put a small pillow or cushion under your knees to the back to relax more.

- Typically the pillows be replaced every two years, usually when they have lost their property or simply no longer seems comfortable because you are old or because your body has changed.

- It is recommended that the pillow is try before you buy, it is clear that you cannot take a nap, but if you could lie on a mattress to test it would be ideal.