If you are a person who likes to cook and spend much of the day in the kitchen, sure you will prefer this stay bright. To achieve this you have to take into account various factors such as distribution, materials, accessories and color.

If you have a kitchen full of light, you must first plan the distribution of all its components to maximize light natural exists. In addition, the ideal is that you use shades light to enhance the brightness, they also offer a greater sense of breadth.

getting a bright kitchen

Other practical advice is to avoid the furniture of great height and try to have the kitchen clear of bulky accessories. These ideas will help you get more space visually.

In terms of materials, it is best to use crystals, especially for some front wall units. Also, if your kitchen is wood try to test the combination of materials. You can put some steel front, complemented by a top of a lighter shade.

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen large, to further increase the space you can put an island center instead of a front cabinet that will serve as a cooking area, water and storage.

To get more light so you can open a skylight, as long as possible in your kitchen. Below this pleasant light bulb, you can place a work area or a dining table.

Finally, a way to increase the brightness of your kitchen is to unify the colors of the coatings. Try using the same material, or a tone similar to the siding, flooring and countertop. Make sure that color is clear.