The bedroom is the most welcoming environment that we want the home, after all, we want to rest calmly in the midst of a bedroom decor we please. And the bedroom decor is a reflection of what you like, perhaps more than other environments in which they get carried away by decorating trend. In the bedroom you want an elegant or want a modern, styles and combine not do it very personnel total is your bedroom.


If you are the type who prefer the elegance total, you will like our suggestions today, ideal for decorating bedrooms French style. You know that the opulence of the French courts, in those days when France was an absolute monarchy, was evident in all kinds of furniture and even those were times of low health and comfort, the rooms were delightful pictures of French luxury. The beds were usually the center of the decoration, the more ornate the better.

So in the French style bedroom decor, elaborate stand out headboards, no basic beds that can hardly think of sleeping with someone else, they are small and low, because the French bedroom, the bed is key , and is great, is high, wide and has a beautiful headboard, and if you can play night tables, canopy beds and even better things this allows for a decoration that goes beyond elegance.

Do not forget the bedding, which contributes to the effect of French style bedroom decor, cotton bed linen, pillowcases and beautiful hand woven details, some coquetry on silk when you engalanarla especially, many flights and lovely prints. You must choose comfortable bedding but to contribute to the effect elegant and captivating, sleeping like a queen.