Maintaining order at home is much more difficult than it sounds, especially in most modern homes, where space is absent. Today, most of us have to settle for living in small flats with virtually no space to organize everything and to keep the order we wanted.

However, we have something we can be of great help: the imagination. If you look in detail at home, sure we can find places that can be used to organize and store some household items. One of the rooms need most is the fourth order of bath which usually is usually the smallest room of the home. See below a few tricks to maximize space and time, keep it organized.

enjoy the space and put order in the bathroom

In addition to occasional furniture, bookcases and other furniture functional in the bathroom you will find some holes you can exploit. One is the wall of the tub. If you integrate a shelf or shelves flown force can organize towels, creams and other supplies in the bathroom.

Another interesting idea is to exploit the holes on the doors. Here you can place a shelf that integrates with the style and color finish of the door. And you can extend it by one of the walls to store towels or objects less use. You can also place hooks in the gates.

Finally, try to avoid storing things that are not essential in the bathroom. For example, many people use this room to place drugs. However, it is entirely appropriate, since moisture can cause damage. Take the space you gave to save to put other things useful, such as creams, toothbrushes or other objects.