The marble is an element that is directly linked to the decoration of both interior and exterior. We can be found in many locations and purposes quite disparate. Similarly it is used for flooring and cladding, as to shape fireplaces, columns, fountains, statues and a long etcetera. Similarly, your image may also vary depending on the techniques that have worked for finishing.

embossed marble floor and walls

You can learn here the marble tiles with relief that will cover floors and walls. This treatment of the marble gives the overall look as attractive three-dimensional effect as the original. The development of each and every one of these elements is done with utmost care to preserve intact the highest quality of materials. This is how it manages to maintain the elegance and harmony in their final forms.

The marble relief that will show you today is finished in a flower shape, particularly the rose, and an effect that can be seen easily but not at all exaggerated and tiresome. They are creations with subtle designs that want to offer a completely innovative visual impact but retain the elegance that has always given the marble with his presence. That is why these tiles using chromatic very neutral between beige and brown that compete directly with whites, grays and blacks.floor tiles on wall

Tones and shapes that you can use to dress up floors and walls of indoor and outdoor, as well as unique pieces in various devices. Similarly, you can also combine with smooth surfaces and place only as a border, base or splashed. Remember that home decorating is very important to obtain personal and unique spaces that reflect the most of your lifestyle and personality.