We imagine that you may have noticed that the word vintage is completely out of fashion. Today all fashion collections offer this kind of style and this year is a whole trend in clothing and accessories. No doubt, this style can also be applied in the decoration, giving your home a touch of retro and very original, sure, you’ll love.

To ensure that your home has a touch vintage just need to place a few details. For example, in the second hand market will find many items you will be great for your home. The antique collections of porcelain, for example, tables or furniture from other eras, are ideal for creating an aesthetic style vintage in any room of your home.

details to give a vintage touch to your home

Undoubtedly, the imagination is the limit to define the style elements vintage in decorating your home. For example, you could be super good typewriter or sewing old, an old phone or a painting.

Among many other decorative trim, old posters, original fonts, old bottles, recycled furniture, old magazines and books, also will serve to give that much desired touch in your home. This accessory with charm that as that have said you can get in thrift stores or used.

Another good idea is to place a collection of mirrors old, a set of ancient vases and containers to decorate a piece of furniture, an old clock. In the same way, you can recycle chairs of different designs and finishes.

No doubt, you must retrieve objects and trends of the past and mix them with the latest styles. However, it is important to combine all the elements without abuse. Therefore, you must know to pick and choose the furniture or item so special that best fits your home.