Although many still have a closed mind on this point, the mix of decorative styles in the home is a trend in recent times. We have the idea that a decorative style has to unify the interior of the housing to provide an organic and coherent environment. However, a combination of different styles can we get the sea stays interesting.

If you want your home is different and the original, and renew at the same time without spending much money, feel free to mix styles. And you can add a personal touch to your home, something very difficult to get if you go by the rules of a particular style.

decorative ideas for mixing styles

On the other hand, think that this way you can take parts that would otherwise never use, such as antique furniture you can find in your parents or grandparents.

To prevent the result is a disaster, creating a messy, confusing or refilled; you must first plan, although it is important to experiment with different pieces as you find your own style. From here we recommend that you opt for furniture and other elements of the styles that you like.

To begin, do not try to mix more than two styles. For example, if you mix with rustic colonial furniture and contemporary will be a very overloaded. In addition, you should keep in mind that not all styles stick. Ideally styles are very different from each other.

For the result is good, you should have a style primary and secondary, choosing many parts of the former and only a few of the latter. Finally, it is important that the lighting potencies at the point of the room that you wish to feature. If you do, get to the little details that stand out in your decor.