If you live in small apartments and tight spaces, then you might want for your room a more cozy. However, the larger rooms are not really necessary to make a cozy space. You can turn your cramped quarters in a comfortable snap, charming style with some of these decorating tips.

Use darker shades and proper lighting

One of the most common decorating tips is to avoid using dark colors in a small room.

decorating small spaces

While this is good advice, but not always the case as you can do a darker color tone of the wall to open a space through the use of proper lighting.

Turn a dark colored tight space in a comfortable and cozy corner of the grouping of dramatic lighting and soft upholstery in it. For small spaces, dramatic lighting of the wall is the perfect choice, as it creates a unique lighting effect and visually expands a room with ambient light.

Consider using a wall lamp with a colored glass, or other support for the wall that illuminates up to the same effect.

Use the right furniture

The eye moves more rapidly through a small space that the large, therefore, it is imperative to interrupt their movement.

For this it is necessary to remove the obstacles in the room. Instead of many small parts that could cause a messy effect, it is better to go for larger, fewer pieces of furniture. Remember the rule, farther than the eye can see the room the better.

The use of accent chairs without arms, low benches and ottomans are perfect for opening a small space.