In home decor are many styles, colors and accessories that you can use to get a perfect environment to your exact taste and to help you make the most of every room in your home. The pink is a color that looks great especially now that spring came, and although it has always been female, the fact is that in households where no man is also very well even in smaller amounts.

The pink looks great in bedrooms either children or adults, and in recent times is also becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom, where you can get spectacular combinations if you also use colors like white or mauve. Given that success, here are a few tips for you to decorate the pink bathroom.

decorating ideas of a pink bathroom

First, although it is well for men, it is clear that is a color that brings a lot of femininity, so if you are a man think about it thoroughly before using this color for decoration.

Pink is a color that also brings a lot of warmth and tranquility, which is necessary in a bath because there you will pass many relaxing moments like when you take a bath. Use light shades in most of the bath as well gain in warmth and light.

If you like the pink in strong tones can always use it in small details, as some loose tiles in the midst of others in pastel pink or white, in addition to accessories such as towel , soap dish, etc..

The furniture in pink are very nice and will help you get a spectacular setting, but you have to have a lot of security in that color as the furniture is an investment that you cannot change two days. Anyway, you can always paint you already have and thus get a more personal style.

If you want a minimalist style you’ll be perfect pale pink or rose that is in clear tones. If you want something more modern with a pink dare very much alive, although this must be a large room because it will eat up much space.

If you dare not put in tiles or paint the walls or furniture, a good option is to use only decorative elements or in the bathroom amenities. So you know if you really like the pink bath and maybe when you get used to using it the most.