All or at least the vast majority would love to have a garden full of flowers and plants in which to enjoy our free time or leisure.

Both a large garden and a small terrace or patio may offer us moments of enjoyment surrounded by plants. But the truth is that often there are two fundamental conditions that prevent it:

Space. The truth is that not everyone has enough space.

decorate with flowers

Time. And in the end, caring for a garden or keep a terrace with many plants involves a large investment of time.

But under no circumstances should be forced to give up the flowers. We can always opt for more space and minimalist decorations to suit our needs.

Everyone knows that the use of flowers is very common in the interior. In fact, the advantages offered flowers, there are few. Through its beauty and color are able to convey a tremendous vitality, are a perfect to decorate any space, we will play much when combined with the rest of the decor and also naturally scented home.

Today we want to encourage you to decorate with flowers. That’s why here are some very simple ideas that allow you to install a small garden in any corner of your home:

Look what an idea so original and above all simple. To do it just makes your usual watering vase.

Course, if you decide to put your flowers in a watering then can become the absolute protagonists.

If you like vintage style, here’s a great idea to get it with flowers.

The flowers are an able to decorate just about anything. This is the best example, with simple flowers on the napkin, decorate your table will be charged a special charm and elegance difficult to achieve.

And if you’re willing to go further, note that even the flowers are perfect to decorate any dish.

You can also play with colors, textures and containers.

These are just some ideas, let your imagination and sure you can think of many more ideas.