The walls can be decorated with wallpaper, paint, fabric. There are many possibilities, products and materials that help us in the exciting task of giving life to our home. Within the painting, one of the most appreciated techniques and offers more possibilities to decorate the walls is undoubtedly the stencil.

Look how it can win this wall beneath a ladder with paint that was applied, and above all, by the reason classical stencil which has adorned. Elegant and discreet, is a timeless finish.

wall decor with classic prints

First, the success of this wall is in the chosen colors: gray very nice and creamy tone for the subject. A neutral gray is perfect for any wall, which is always good and combines practically everything. The tone cream chosen for the reason you will like a charm. The first thing you must do to paint a wall as pretty as it is to choose a reason. You can use the same as us, just to print the image on the left and take it to enlarge. Next, prepare the filling wall cracks and holes with paste; let dry, sand to match and apply a coat of latex binder with the roller.

Once dry, paint the wall with two coats of gray plastic. Wait until the next day to make the stencil, before you begin, calculates how many times you repeat the motive and so that it fits well in the wall. Depending on the size of the wall, the size of the stencil will also vary. Move beyond reason to cardboard and cut it to make a template, hold it to the wall with tape and paint the stencil holes with brush and acrylic paint cream. Before, do tests on paper to calculate either the amount of paint needed.