Perhaps the name does not sound like, but surely you’ve seen it a million times. We’re talking about quilted upholstery, although in recent years has become very fashionable, it is an upholstery technique that has been used throughout life to provide an aspect of the most elegant and sophisticated. Today the end of quilted not changed at all.

However, can this type of decoration that we go financially hand, assuming a cost too high for our budget. So here are some tips for you how to do it yourself at home. Here are the details.

create your own quilted upholstery

First of all choose the furniture you want to give a new look. Then remove the basis of this and place it on a wide where you can work at ease and remove any remaining tissue. Then you must take a piece of foam to cover the entire surface and mark on it the key points that will be sewn buttons.

Then you have to glue the foam on wood base and staple it around to make sure it is securely and fluffy. Then you’ll be boring the padding as the points scored at the top and place a thin cloth and clear to help sew the holes of the buttons in order to create the relief.

Finally, take a generous final piece of fabric and hold it with staples on the bottom of the cabinet. Then you just have to finish the design hitting the big buttons on the gaps.

It’s a way easy to decorate your home with quilted upholstery.