Many people decide to put carpet on the stairs inside your home, something that gives so much life to the decoration and protects the floor of the same, which will break down much less but have much racking. It may seem an unnecessarily heavy task, but the truth is that it has many advantages, such as that that carpet will act as insulation against noise. Notes the advantages of putting a carpet on the stairs:

- Up or down stairs will always be noisy, have heels or not, and by putting a rug that will eliminate noise.


- The carpet acts as a shock absorber, preventing accidents that could otherwise be harmful. Not the same tripped on a staircase that has nothing to do in one that is protected by tissue that cushions your fall.

- It’s a great idea for people who likes to go barefoot, not just walk by a protected area but the carpet will give you heat and is much softer than Any other type of flooring.

- If the floor of the staircase is of marble or stone and live in a cold should put some to keep warm and not so cold.

- You must choose carefully the type of fabric you want, which will be based on material that has been made the ladder, especially for its fixation may be much higher.

- Try to make the carpet fit the decor of the home, or at least not clash much since even a part a little removed from the house, probably the hall will also be one of the most traffic so you will be part the overall style of your home.

- There are many buildings that have in common stairs, a good choice also for the neighboring traffic does not disturb the tranquility of your home.