The radiators, many homes and farms are essential. However, the fact is that as a rule represents a burden on the time to decorate and create a beautiful decoration and harmony.

For one reason or another, sometimes by the type of radiator, sometimes by the place in which it is installed, the fact is that in most cases we never know what to do with it or how to decorate the area in which the radiator is located.

original idea to disguise a radiator

Today, we propose an original idea a fun idea and particularly suitable for a room, stay or crèche.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and the truth is that this is a good example.

What has been done in this case, you see, is to paint a landscape on the wall and has managed to camouflage the radiator integrating and making it participate in the drawing. Specifically, what has been done is to take shape, painting it the same color, so it appears that it is the sheep’s wool that is part of the picture painted on the wall. A simple idea that provides a great result, since besides camouflage and integrate a great way to decorate the radiator, also brings the charm of textures, shapes and relief between the radiator and the wall.

In this case, the subject of the drawing has helped a lot to achieve this camouflage. If you have a child in a space heater in your home, this could be a good option to integrate with the decor.