The bedroom is one of the spaces where we spend more time and, of course, one of the most important rooms of the house. And the bedroom is not only dependent on our proper rest, but it often develop other activities like watching TV, working, reading, etc.

For all the foregoing that the d├ęcor of any bedroom decor should be very careful, thoughtful, appropriate and allowing the development of all activities in comfort.

romantic touch to the bedroom

Today we propose an original idea that can be adapted to any room and helps to create a warmer, more welcoming and a touch of very romantic.

As you can see in the picture above, the idea is to hang a fabric on the bed. And it is only necessary to hang from the ceiling four bars (in this case is preferred bet natural bamboo poles) will thus be coupled with a light curtain rings. It’s that simple, and the result as charming as you can see in the picture.

This is a very simple and economic well able to radically change the aesthetics of any room. It is also an idea that can be adapted to all types of rooms, from spaces to dormitories or youth bed.