Many of us have our home business or want to have, and for this we seek the best place or which have at hand. Find a place or area of work at home is not easy at times and more if we have a few square meters or people at home that may interrupt the work.

On many occasions looking for accessories that bound the same room in different sectors and one of them rode the office. Some of these accessories can be stores, light dividers, walls, plant cell walls, screens, modular furniture.


Many items we can add to divide the same room in two but if we can, the ideal is to have a room to ourselves, where we think, clarify ideas and work, no hassles like voices or noises constant. When you find you just have to put some creativity, fresh ideas and part of your personality, to decorate the new workspace.

Now that you know what will be its role remember to put a desk and a computer, files, shelves and shelves to add books or other things that need. A good organizer is essential. For the table need specific lighting as a reading lamp or table lamp, also we can put a general in the roof if a stay to ourselves.

On the other hand as a convenient and comfortable chair is ideal, that is good for the back and has wheels to move a little better. To decorate your office, you can base it on some specific styles and will include furniture and home, in your workspace, you create a special atmosphere.