The houses of various heights that have a straight, no doubt, this becomes the main character of the decoration. That is why your image and aesthetics have always been very present.

A priori it may seem that a ladder is a space or a very complicated to decorate or to give a renewed, and that after all is a passageway. However, the fact is that there are many possibilities when decorating the stairs and, often, is only a matter of imagination and creativity.

renew the look of a staircase

Here is a simple idea for you that is very easy to implement and offers spectacular results.

When we have a ladder at home, change your image is difficult and is that the coating, either ceramic, wood or any other, is not easy to change. However, it is easy to renew, to change their appearance, giving a different touch. In fact, a simple rug can completely change the aesthetics of any radical steps.

This is also an original idea to change the image of the stairs whenever you want, so just need to replace the carpet. Thus, one can adapt the decoration of the staircase, for example, the season or trends.

If you want a practical and effective solution to help you give a more modern feel to the decor of your staircase and renew, in general, the decor of your home, this can be a very good solution.